lies, damn lies, and poker
you damn bloggers you! ruining the world with your rants and crusades....

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posted on Sat, 10.29.05 @ 01:20 PM CST [more..]

a doughnut with no hole is a danish
well, in finally did it! the $400 i deposited at FTP on Sept 9 is all gone. hit the jump for the finale!
posted on Fri, 10.28.05 @ 05:32 PM CST [more..]

wasted days and wasted night
played live both Tuesday and Wednesday: $5/$5 on Wed, where i made some great reads and had a tremendous suckout to break even and $6/$6 on Tuesday, where i continued my Reading is for Winners program and ended up $430. i also had two giant hands that paid out a total of $25 or so.

so what do you say to your opponent when you suckout?
posted on Thu, 10.27.05 @ 05:30 PM CST [more..]

we’ve passed our prime in record time
in 14 year old chat speak: i r teh suk.

in homage to The Blogfather, behold, my über post.
posted on Tue, 10.25.05 @ 11:40 AM CST [more..]

what we want and what we need
has been confused been confused

i've been thinking about this for a bit and it has recently come to the fore since Joe Speaker began playing at Full Tilt: does site selection affect your playing style and if so, then is is right to assume that site selection can and will affect your poker growth?
posted on Thu, 10.20.05 @ 03:16 PM CST [more..]

mr. blue sky is living here today
so the Astros won. exciting, no?

well, yes and no....
posted on Thu, 10.20.05 @ 09:46 AM CST [more..]

song remains the same
Oddjack referred me to a Scurvy post from a few days back that i is both timely and on point. to wit: in the last 7-10 days i have killed about $1800 in profit from my bankroll and i am actually negative $300 since funding my bankroll in Sept. not impressive.
posted on Wed, 10.19.05 @ 03:47 PM CST [more..]

shock and awe
last night there were some shocking (but much less awsome) parallels between two of my favorite addictions.

i present to you: Baseball & Poker.
posted on Tue, 10.18.05 @ 10:53 AM CST [more..]

we may lose and we may win
well, Sept. is in the rearview mirror, October is well underway...let's review some poker stats!
posted on Thu, 10.06.05 @ 06:14 PM CST [more..]

don't hate the player nigga, hate the game
as i briefly mentioned before, i picked up Activision's World Series of Poker for the PSP. since it combines two of my past/current addictions (gaming/poker), i am of course drawn to it like a Republican to Sunday morning services, i.e. it is a compulsion. that said, i have only dabbled with the single player game. after the jump some observations, plus some interesting tidbits.
posted on Tue, 10.04.05 @ 04:04 PM CST [more..]

i got better
well, we returned to Houston on Thursday afternoon, after turning our evacuation into an impromptu vacation...and what a vacation it was.
posted on Sun, 10.02.05 @ 04:24 PM CST [more..]

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