and we would go on as though nothing was wrong
early monday morning our standard poodle Pheobe died during surgery. she was suffering from torsion.

we will miss her greatly.

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greetings and salutations!

last night's Mookie was jammed; over a hundred runners! wouldn't it have been nice if i had actually gone deep? well i didn't. as a matter of fact, i did about the most rookie thing i could, going broke early with single top pair. just didn't think the straight was out there. well, it was.

to redeem myself, i signed up for the $14K Guarantee. some better play and some luck (all in preflop with 66 vs 88 - but hey, that 88 was quite the hero call; the right call, but still a hero call). 41 out of 576...sure wish i had played tougher and gone deeper. so is life.

it's official: i am excited. Sat @ midnight is the release of Guitar Hero III! i plan on spending all of sunday bunkered down trying to learn the game. since i have never played I or II, i have a massive learning curve. i hope it lives up to my expectations b/c i am really excited.

did i mention wifey is leaving town today? will be gone till sunday for her nephew's birthday (6th? 7th?) in the piney woods of east texas. so i really will get some Guitar Hero III time in. probably will watch all the extras on the second 300 DVD too!

tonight is the Riverchasers...gonna try and make some headway.

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i'm restless. earlier i was tired and restless.

one of the cool/sad/interesting/boring facts of returning to the world of work-a-day whores is that you no longer control your destiny. shit, you don't even control the daily minutia that happens in your own veal pen. no, the mighty corporation does all this for you.

when you work for yourself, you are the decider. let me say that: i am the decider. damn, i feel presidential. anyway, you come and go as you please, set your own schedule, and if like my wife and i, run from one fire to the next, barely extinguishing the flame that is trying to burn your ass. it is nice, but tiring and sometimes overwhelming. in contrast, most office jobs are underwhelming. yawn.

stuposedly in the corporate world you are supposed to be managing your career. maybe that should be in bold? or all capitals? no matter. the common wisdom is manage your career path lest you becoming 40 years old and stuck in a cube. hey wait a minute....

but if you have worked for yourself, you kinda don't give a shit about all this career nonsense. who has time to manage a career when you are hiring, firing, advertising, sweating, working....

sitting in my cube i can't help but feel, what's the right word: languid? i just could give a shit less. keep direct depositing those checks. make sure my insurance coverage is handled. leave me alone. what? don't i want a promotion? no, i want a paycheck. chop chop, Porterhouse.

when i graduated college i was already older than most. i felt like i needed to rush to catch-up on all the career that i had missed. eight years later, i see that i hadn't really missed much. every company is the same: run by marginally adept managers and executives, many of whom - if they could admit it to themselves - are as lost as the rest of us.

sure, the south is different. we're no NYC. i am not a trader or broker. i don't get up at 4AM to start worrying over the markets. i don't summer in the Hamptons. hey btw, Merrill Lynch, how's it hanging? guess you guys found that black swan, huh? check ya' later!

anyway, did i mention i am restless?

played a few tourneys last night. i bubbled in a $26 token tourney, getting some cash but no token. i then proceeded to make the final four in $750K satellite; only top two got seats. so in all, nothing spectacular. as usual, i am monkeying with my tournament game. seems like any time i step back from tournaments for more than a month that when i return i want to try new stuff. so i have been trying the "Gus Hansen / Kid Poker" style: trying to see lots of flops, using marginal hands hoping to hit something, driving to build a big stack early, esp. if the table seems tight. last night i went out on the fourth hand of some guarantee tourney! 4th hand! AA vs my top pair/straight and flush draw, essentially a coin flip. that's maybe a little too loose. heh. anyway, i am enjoying it. another two weeks or so and i figure i will have settled into some pattern, hopefully one that is going to win some tourneys.

that said, don't forget your Wed night Mookie! hope to see all of you there!

last but not least: if there is a being of higher authority - Allah, Jesus, Visnu, Xenu, Buddha, etc - could one of you guys throw the doomsday switch on Boston? please? those guys are insufferable....
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although 2 months old, i just found a link on 2+2.

this proves why Bill Rini is a genius. a fucking genius!

nh, sir!
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the only way to fix it is to flush it all away
awful lot of bitching and moaning in this world. sadly, i am probably in the top ten of the Bitcher & Moaners Club. while i recognize my problem, it is not an easy thing to fix. constant vigilance is necessary. but i am trying. for instance, when playing in tourneys, esp blogger tourneys, i try to take it all in stride, temper my comments, and hold my tongue. and of course when i do, i am rewarded by being called a "moron", or witnessing others fling about epithets such as "donkey" or "luckbox".

see, poker is tough; playing online tougher. online play unleashes the "armchair genius" or "keyboard toughguy" mentality. you will see players type things that they would not say in a live game. why? b/c in a live game, you'll get called on the carpet when you let your fatass tongue loose and say something stupid like, "just another suited donkey." most people shy away from conflict when it is present in their lives. but online, these people become veritable Oprahs and Dr. Phils! to validate themselves, you will often hear, "i have won $xxx, so my smarmy comments are valid" as an excuse. sorry - in reality, while you may have won some money, your comments still belong locked in your head where all the other stupid, wanna-be police officer bullshit resides. but, you do have a chance at relevance! tell you what, if you think you are so smart, why don't you go ahead and become one of the top players, write yourself a book and change the game; go ahead, set poker on it's ear! maybe create the C-Ratio or something. heck, you might already be the next Dan Harrington! then, and only then, will your opinion have more worth than say, the homeless guy at my local Stop-N-Rob.[1]

so anyway, i am a moron. ;-)

today in the bookstore i see some new release on how to fix complaining; i am loathe to read self-help books. as a matter of fact, i find most of them absurd and often written to make a fast buck. this new book, A Complaint Free World: How to Stop Complaining and Start Enjoying the Life You Always Wanted is of that ilk. here is why i can't see reading this.

i earnestly picked it up, thinking maybe i should buy it and give it a read. re: most twelve-step programs, i know i have a complaining problem, so i am past step one. i flipped the book open and read a sentence where the author is telling someone to put up their hands and defend themselves b/c he is going to kill them. hey now, something i can relate to! so i backtrack a few paragraphs to get the whole story: seems that the object of his anger had just hit his dog and driven away. the author chased him down and confronted the guy in his driveway, where Mr. Hit-And-Run told him that he did in fact hit his dog and asked him what he was going to do about it. enraged, the author was going to pummel him, but Mr. Hit-And-Run refused to fight and sauntered into his house, leaving the author standing there angry and unfulfilled.

wow - what an awful story. owning seven dogs (and a dog business) myself, i can totally relate to this. i too would chase this piece-of-shit down and ask for satisfaction. but, unlike the author, i could not practice what he does in the book. unfulfilled and upset, he returns home, where he takes the dog to the vet (she is put down), and then suffers for several more nights over the whole episode. in an outpouring of grief in his journal he makes headway, realizing that not only is he suffering, but Mr. Hit-And-Run is suffering too - daily. it is this suffering that makes Mr. Hit-And-Run who he is and act the way he did. and to satisfy a bullet point in his self-help book, the author forgives Mr. Hit-And-Run.

O.K. - let's be straight here: i consider myself a pretty dark guy (i like to say realist.) i think humans are the worst species on the planet and i often find our behavior reprehensible, vulgar, and ugly. i vacillate, but often swing towards being an ardent supporter of the death penalty (although lately, with caveats) and i will go as far as to say that many people on this planet are a drag on society and SHOULD be executed for the common good. cull the herd, i say. so when confronted with the story in this book, my only response is, i would have killed the guy. hey, i am being honest. and i don't mean this in the way people say "literally" when they actually mean something entirely different, a la "literally shitting one's pants." no, i mean i would either have done it bare-handed or gone home and armed myself, but Mr. Hit-And-Run was leaving this earthly plane and i would be the one to shuffle off his mortal coil.

see, people like Mr. Hit-And-Run, they have no use on this planet. i could care less if they have a family, or go to church, or actively serve in the military, etc. if your response to this situation is "what are you going to do about it," my response is that you are not worthy of this life. end of story. furthermore, by letting a waste-of-space like this live, you are allowing this person the opportunity to hurt others. you are harming society by letting people like this off. i say kill them now; make our lives better!

so i put the book down. no chance i am going to fix my attitude. while i can try and curb it, if fixing my attitude requires me to forgive people in situations like this, then i will stay broken. this also goes a long way to showing why becoming a practicing Buddhist is not working out for me. sounds good in theory, but i am weak in the application area.

i guess this sums it up: There's this passage I got memorized. Ezekiel 25:17. "The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness. For he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is The Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee." I been sayin' that shit for years. And if you heard it, that meant your ass. I never gave much thought to what it meant. I just thought it was some cold-blooded shit to say to a motherfucker before I popped a cap in his ass. But I saw some shit this mornin' made me think twice. See, now I'm thinkin', maybe it means you're the evil man, and I'm the righteous man. And Mr. 9mm here, he's the shepherd protecting my righteous ass in the valley of darkness. Or, it could mean you're the righteous man and I'm the shepherd and it's the world that's evil and selfish. I'd like that. But that shit ain't the truth. The truth is you're the weak. And I'm the tyranny of evil men. But I'm tryin', Ringo. I'm tryin' real hard to be the shepherd.

wonder if i have called in my Paxil refill....


[1]: really this is based on the sound poker theory that one should not confuse results with correct decisions. thus, while you may have earned some coin, the results do not prove anything in and of themselves. heck, the math of it might say that playing 130+ tourneys/month for 6 months - well, even a monkey would cash just as often. but i am not into the math that much....
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see you tonight?
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well, i am out o' the Big Game in 40th (57 runners). KK cracked by QQ on a flopped set. normally this might be a bad beat; but - only reason i made it to 40th was that i cracked CEM's AA with my set of queens (we were all-in preflop, unlike in my hand where i did not re-raise all in PF.) so, i got lucky and then it ran out. tournaments are like that.

in other news, i hate boston. film at 11. god i hope those bastards don't win tonight. next to the yankees, i can't think of a shittier team. bunch of prima donna, overpaid bitches. hey Manny, suck a dick.

ok, got that out. next.

looking forward to the blogger tourney series. i dunno who Al knows, but we all owe Al a 1.75 of SoCo. one bottle from each of us might carry him through the 8 week series. heh!

we switched gyms this week. hopefully i will get to workout manana. our previous gym, LA Fitness, was run by what could only be described as "common business morons" (CBM)©. in our two years there, these jackasses have yet to implement towels or vending machines that sell water. so what, you say? well, that means you either bring bottled water with you, or you get no hydration. no big whoop. it's not like any reputable fitness guru would tell you to stay hydrated. i mean shit, i barely even work up a sweat doing 5 miles on that awful endless staircase...or during spin class. seriously, i thought i saw Kevin Costner in there one day drinking his urine. fucktards. and towels? yeah, as in something to wipedown the machines when you are done? and yes - they have been asked repeatedly about these two issues (by more peeps than just me.) so anyway, we went to a new place, open 24 hours and guess what: 3 vending machines with water and sports drinks plus hand towels and shower towels. all you can eat, baby!

so anyway, this got me to thinking: being a small business guy, i wondered why so many small businesses seem out-to-lunch regarding how to operate. case and point: new pizza place opened up near us; it's a real joint, with an awsome bar and real pizza, the stuff that takes 45 min to cook and you can actually get spinach and garlic on five grain crust. good shit too. so anyway, were sitting at the bar, finishing our salads and waiting for the pizza and some steelers' jersey-wearing chop comes to the bar with his empty pitcher and orders shitty miller light. in other words, usual dumb fucking football dickweed. anyway, he chats up the bar guy saying in effect that they usually go to BW3 for football on sunday's, but it is so packed they decided to come here, knowing it would not be. bartender serves him and sends him on his merry way. now, what do you think the bartender's next move should be? how much do you think these mouthbreathers will spend if they come each sunday for futbol? i leaned over to my wife and told her any bartender worth his salt would send them a free pitcher and appetizer. cost? less than $10 with big upside. but heck, it's not the bartenders place, right? he is just there while he finishes his screenplay....i'll never forget what one of houston's uber-successful restaurateurs told me: you are running a bar that serves food, not a restaurant that serves liquor. think about it.

Dar and i see daily the effects of poor decisions and lack of foresight by small business peeps. for instance - people seem really in a rush to build into new strip center space. hey, i know, location location location. but! but! but - the cost to build out a new space can run upwards of a couple of $100K. ours was going to be $180K. that is sunk cost before you even open your doors. servicing that debt is a heavy load on a new business. will it leave you 6-12 months of operating capital? no? danger will robinson, danger!

how about signage? those simple channeled lights, nothing fancy? $2-5K on avg. and bang for your buck? will it get you as much traffic as targeted advertising? doubtful.

there are tons more. the shit i have learned (some of it the hardway) amazes me. not b/c it is groundbreaking stuff; quite the contrary, it would see pretty easy shit to figure out, but some people don't. weird.

well, i am going to drowned in this scotch (Balvenie 21 - woot!) and then rack out.


donking around, smurfing the web, i just noticed the Poker Road is up and running! woot woot! i have been waiting with baited-breath (vodka baited for those who care) for this site to get up and running b/c Joe and Gavin are hil-fucking-arious...and i like their style. so check it out and keep going back!
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this is a test entry for testing out the RSS implementation; no it is not working yet; yes i am trying to get it fixed and have some help from uber-Greymatters modder Pete Finnigan.

below is a cribbed news post regarding the PS3 price drop...i am just using it as text to fill out the entry:

Oct. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Sony Corp., the world's biggest maker of video-game consoles, cut the U.S. price of a PlayStation 3 model by 17 percent and introduced a less- expensive version to spur holiday sales.

The PlayStation 3 with an 80-gigabyte hard drive was cut to $499 from $599, effective immediately, Sony said in a statement today. A $399 model with 40 gigabytes of storage goes on sale Nov. 2, Jack Tretton, head of Tokyo-based Sony's U.S. video-game unit, said in an interview.

Sony is taking the steps to narrow the price gap with Nintendo Co.'s Wii and Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360. PlayStation 3, which includes a high-definition Blu-ray movie player, is the most expensive game console. Wii sales in the U.S. have more than doubled those of PlayStation 3 since the two machines were introduced last November. Sales also trail Xbox 360, which got a boost this month from the release of the ``Halo 3'' video game.

``Without this, it wasn't looking like there would be much action for PlayStation 3 this holiday,'' Billy Pidgeon, an analyst at research firm IDC in Framingham, Massachusetts, said in an interview. ``This is going to make retailers very happy.''

Lower prices may lift holiday PlayStation 3 sales as much as 50 percent by attracting avid game players and consumers shopping for a high-definition DVD player, said Michael Pachter, an analyst with Wedbush Morgan Securities in Los Angeles.
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ok, little changes here and there and i need some help: i have tried to add feeds to this site...whether it is working or not is anyone's guess. hopefully i will get to look later and if it isn't then i can trouble shoot more. anyone with any ideas/feedback, lemme know. i don't use feeds in my blog reading; my generation is to old and stubborn to do anything new-fangled and efficient. but i am trying.

also, i have added comment validation in the hopes that i can eliminate spam. i realize that spam is essentially my entire posting-readership, but nonetheless, it bugged me and i fixed it. i know that works. so comment away!

previously mentioned, my two local favorite card rooms have been closed. someone at work noticed some $1 chips from The Palms sitting on my desk and asked me if i was there during the raid. while i figured it was raided, what i didn't know was the level of misinformation and heavy-handedness that has transpired.

silly me, when i got the email about the closing, i only checked one local news site; i don't really watch local news, so i checked what i grew up with. well, little did i know that only one local channel covered it and was on hand immediately following the raid for the perp-walk. wow. link here and here

sucks - they are charging the dealers with engaging in organized crime, a felony offense . wow. i guess HPD is sending out a message: respect the law. pretty rough.

let's address some of the stuff in the article here: yeah, the place was locked down, with cameras on the doors, buzzers to be let in, key cards with computer pics to identify players, and even an off-duty sheriff who patrolled the parking lot. yes, law enforcement in the parking lot. and while i am sure some of that was to make it tougher for local law enforcement to make entry, the major reason was to protect the players. end of story. the building was not barricaded and locked down to avoid raids - it was to stop thugs from using it as an easy rip joint. and it worked well. as a matter of fact, one of the reasons i liked playing there was that it seemed safe. i did not have to worry about carrying a roll and getting jumped.

secondly, while i have no idea what the place dragged in rake, it was not the high roller club here in houston. there are several, places where routinely games will have $20K+ on the table. this was not that place. generally, $1/$2 was the spread. most people played under $1K. the PLO games could get bigger, but this was not Farha's place - and yes, he plays in houston when he comes back to town. so this was no high-roller joint. it was a local card club where you would find bartenders to lawyers playing for fun.

now, i get it: gambling is illegal and what this club did was illegal. none of us who played there had an illusions about who was breaking the law. and certainly, the guys running this place made some coin - i would imagine at least enough to live on. but no one was getting rich. and nothing other than gambling went on there. no hookers. no drugs. no guns. no fights. we played cards. heck, i know there were many times when i arrived more drunk than when i left!

anyway, makes me sad. really sad for the dealers, who i liked and who i know were not rolling in the dough. and now i am stuck with online.

in happier online news, Full Tilt loves us bloggers. someone needs to give Uncle Tilty a big wet kiss, b/c they treat us right. the Battle of the Blogger Tournaments 2 starts this sunday. FTP is kicking in an Aussie Millions package. god damn that is sweet. i can't figure out why people play at places like Absolute, UB, etc. FTP and Poker Stars all the way, baby.

see you guys this sunday at the first tournament - Miami Don's Big Game!
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big day in the music industry. well, big for some, and by some i mean anyone that is not a major record label. sorry BMG....

Radiohead's new offering, In Rainbows is available today via download from the band's website. that point right there makes it pretty original: a major band with a global following offering their latest via their own site. sure, the likes of Phish, Pixies, etc have done similar things, but it is still pretty much a rarity. as an aside, i never can figure out why that is. i guess DRM. the music world is still afraid of offering up "free" music that can be passed around just like we used to do with cassette tapes. for those not old enough, cassette tapes sucked b/c they were a linear progression format...but it was the best we had. anyway, offering up their wares for download is not the most original aspect of today's release. no, the most original is the "pay what you want" price point. that's right, if you want to get it for free, then belly-up-to-the-bar and download away. no DRM, nothing. pass it around. burn it. put it into your iPod. go nuts! sure, i realize that it is not that wild that a band the size of Radiohead pass out their music this way. i mean, these guys are surely as rich as Mick & the boys. but nonetheless, they are paying all the costs and risking lower returns on their art.

as i have previously bitched, bands don't get it (re: how to attract paying customers in the 21st century.) well, Radiohead is one band that gets it. to encourage payment, they are offering a special box set that comes with vinyl LPs, special tracks, and in Radiohead-style, the artwork. available in Dec it will be roughly $140 US. and of course, you get the downloads today too. see, IMHO, if you are a band and want to make your way in the 21st century, then you better offer something beyond the music. in business speak it would be labeled under 'differentiation' and 'extension'. oh, and i guess 'vertical integration' since they are doing the distribution. oh yeah, and invoking the 'law of diminishing costs' that digital goods get to apply. wow, those crazy musicians are smart!

see, they are different b/c unlike say the recent Kanye West release Graduation, where via iTunes i got a digital booklet and a bonus track, Radiohead is going one better. you gotta admit, free is a pretty good price. if you have a conscience, or even like the band/music, then paying a meager $5 US is better than paying $9.99 via iTunes. plus, different than iTunes, if you have the wherewithal, go nuts and get the box set. lots of extra goodies there. oh, did i mention it is DRM free?

anyway, i know that Radiohead is not the first to do this...but they are the biggest i think to try it so far. so i ponied up $7 US and downloaded away. it's been awhile since i have listened to Radiohead. earlier this year i listened to a complete cover album of OK Computer, released for it's 10th anniversary. scary, ten years! remember that time in college where you hit Spring Break like a demon possessed, drinking tequila like it was water only to yak the next day like Linda Blair during her 15 minutes of fame? that's OK Computer for me. too much of a good thing. similar to Nirvana's Nevermind: i played it so much that i still can't listen to it. that's not to say it isn't a great album by a great band, just that i might have ruined it for myself for the next 10 years!

anyway, i am listening to In Rainbows now.

in other news, the post title is twofold. first, not one but two of my local cardrooms are closed. el sucko. not sure what happened, but it leaves me short for local play and i r pissed. sure there are other clubs, but i really liked these two. and of course, online is still a deposit/withdrawal crapshoot. not sure i fully trust ePassporte. whole deal makes me want to yell, "FUCK!!!"

secondly, i dunno if it is me, or if the fact that we are into Oct has something to do with it, but the Houston drivers are on my last fucking nerve. in the past week i have seriously considered killing some mother fuckers. it seems everywhere i go people are inconsiderate, have their heads up their asses, lack the necessary skills, etc. seriously, it reinforces why i don't have a concealed carry permit. but it is hard not to fantasize about opening my trunk up, whipping out my CAR-15 and going all Heat on some gangbanger-wannabe punk and his POS Honda lowrider. does that make me a bad person? heh. just keep taking your meds, Mr. Davenport.

well, i am off for some more Radiohead. hasta!
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