quit being the mayor of pussytown and start being the sheriff of ballsville
today is the last day of the month and since they are putting hardwoods in this week, i am likely to not play any more online poker for a few days (gotta disassemble my office today). thus, when i post the monthly totals please take into consideration variance, highlighted by a sampling of hands after the jump. right now it looks like -$800. yeap, negative.

what can you do? carry on soldier....
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gets down to what it's all about, doesn't it? making the wrong move at the right time.
yesterday was Wednesday and you know what that means!!?!! an entire day off where i poker it up for as many hours as i can take! woot!

so in the AM i play a little FTP, deciding to bang away at the remainder of my reload bonus on the $2/4 6 Handed No-Limit tables. a couple of hours later, mission accomplished. even ended up a little. how'd that happen?!

then it was off to Northside for a little $6/6 NLHE. jump for the trip report!
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none of them along the line know what any of it is worth
when i started this humble blog, lo many months ago, i used it as a personal sounding board, where i often spewed venom & vitriol on current events. then i quit the corporate world; i stopped getting the Wall Street Journal, quit watching CNBC on a daily basis and basically dropped out - and the hate, while still welled-up inside like molton lava, subsided a bit. Pompeii spared! later on i found poker, which consumes a good portion of my thoughts and keeps me from going on a murderous rampage across Texas.

well, today let's begin again, Finnigan!
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hustle from the beginning of January til the end of December
not really up to a post today (still battling this flu/cold crap), but i want to get these results out so that i can get past them and continue on.

i have been working on my tournament game for the last couple of weeks, playing in a few of the $24+2 super satellites on Full Tilt. i made it into the $50K Guarantee that played this last Sunday and i also qualified for the October $15K Top Points Freeroll, which played on the same day. closing out this little run, last night i suited up and played in the $12K Guarantee.

lots of tournament action, hit the jump for the results!
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a nudge is good as a wink to a blind bat, eh, eh....
sometimes i feel like i need a nudge....

monthly totals for October to follow!
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