deep thoughts with Jack Handy
in light of my recent late night post, i would like to discuss a topic on how the hand played, pre-flop (since that is all the action there was!) i read somewhere about this topic, so it is not my own, although i am happy i remembered it and had the wherewithal to put it to use. (i want to say i read this in Bluff and it was a column from Rizen...but i just can’t remember.)

the topic is: how bet sizing should be structured to induce an all-in. the goal, of course, is to maximize profit from your monsters. whether this is full ring or heads up, the goal is the same, although it might not work as efficiently if you are having to consider players in the middle, between you and your target.

so, the big hand - i am dealt aces.

Seat 4: RecessRampage (93,006)
Seat 5: sellthekids (176,994)
RecessRampage antes 750
sellthekids antes 750
RecessRampage posts the small blind of 3,000 sellthekids posts the big blind of 6,000 The button is in seat #4
Dealt to sellthekids [Ah As]
RecessRampage raises to 18,000
sellthekids raises to 30,000
RecessRampage raises to 92,256, and is all in sellthekids calls 62,256 RecessRampage shows [Ac 6c] sellthekids shows [Ah As]
* FLOP * [6h 2c 6d]
RecessRampage: yikes
* TURN * [6h 2c 6d] [4c]
RecessRampage: holy
* RIVER * [6h 2c 6d 4c] [4h]
RecessRampage shows a full house, Sixes full of Fours sellthekids shows two pair, Aces and Sixes RecessRampage wins the pot (186,012) with a full house, Sixes full of Fours
Total pot 186,012 | Rake 0
Board: [6h 2c 6d 4c 4h]
Seat 4: RecessRampage (small blind) showed [Ac 6c] and won (186,012) with a full house, Sixes full of Fours Seat 5: sellthekids (big blind) showed [Ah As] and lost with two pair, Aces and Sixes

i had them three times last night in 407 hands. i know once that i had them in the BB and was given a walk. nice. so even though i averaged out one extra time with aces (once in 221 hands is the statistical frequency) you can already see that it is important to maximize with your monsters, b/c you won't get them that many times in a tourney and you might not get the chance to play them. the moment i was dealt aces, the first thing that went into my head was, "how do i get it all-in here?" that should always be your thought; if you are thinking, "how do i avoid getting these cracked?", or "how do i get paid?" then you need to refine your thoughts. i don't just want to be paid, i want it all. maximize your profits! as luck would have it, i was in the BB, so Recess? would have to open, which he did with a standard 3xBB raise. it is worth noting here that neither of us was deep: i have an M of 16 and he has an M of 8. i was cognizant of our Ms; you should be too, at all times.

facing a 3xBB raise i have several options: re-raise 3x his raise, to T54K. this would leave Recess with T23K. my strength, combined with the pot amount might scare him; what are my other options? i could push, since i have Recess covered. if i push, with T75K left Recess is given good odds to fold and play another hand. What else? i could raise some other amount. i min raised here to T30K. so why min raise? remember, my goal is to get it all-in, if possible, preflop. i want the money in when i am good, and the only time i know that for sure is now.

an aside: some might argue, yeah, but what, if like happened, you get outflopped. if you aren't trying to get it all-in preflop, then you can get away from it. really? with Ms of 16 and 8 you are going to get away from AA on a flop of 6-2-6? if so, then you are a better player than me. no, with the short stacks we had, the best move is all-in. it eliminates any tough decisions post-flop, and as i like to always say, making good decisions is the most important factor in poker. if you can help yourself by not being in spots where a tough decision is called for, then so much the better. (btw - this is not an idea of my own, either, but is the way i play. i am trying to make all my decisions correctly so that i am not faced with tough moves on later streets.)

so back to the action: i min raise b/c i think this will give Recess the impetus to go all-in. he's got roughly T75K, so going to T30K is about half his remaining stack. my min raise looks weak and the common play for him would be to push, b/c it shows strength and b/c if he calls he will be pot-committed. remember, if you are going to be pot-committed, then you might as well raise - it gives you two ways to win. i know that he knows that i know that. heh - level 3. so by min raising, i am giving him that option, to play the hand in a common poker manner. as you can see from the history, we did in fact get it all-in. my job is done, not matter the outcome.

again, i don't think this is a difficult topic and i don't think i am a genius for the play; but until i had read this described out like this, i never had considered how my pre-flop push might have been the wrong play.

assorted stats from last night for those who care:
407 hands
VP$IP - 20.64%
PFR - 13.76%
Won@SD - 66.67%

i had aces 3 times
i had kings once
i had AJ 8 times! (AJs 3x, AJo 5x)

i'll have to judge my tiredness tonight and see about the Riverchasers. i hope to make it!
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quid sum miser tunc dicturus?

gg Recess. enjoyed the competition and banter!
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yesterday was a long day; i felt like an asshole turned inside out plus i didn't get to sleep till late Monday night and even then I didn't sleep great. it took a while to turn off the MATH tourney still playing in my head....

i busted out on the bubble when my kings ran into aces, which turned into quads. yes, quad aces. FMITGA. we of course got it all in preflop, so everything after the set was just piling on. i was short when i pushed my kings, having lost with wired tens to big slick about 8 hands earlier. so is the nature of late stage push monkey tourneys. blinders did the deed both times. of my observed hands, he had a V$IP of under 10%. dipshits from the rail who didn't make it past the first break were giving him hell, but it is hard to argue with results. gg blinders.

Monday's MATH was a $10+$1 rebuy tourney, an obvious new format to many of the bloggers who played. why obvious? b/c people were way to tight during the rebuy period, IMHO. during the first 25 hands my VP$IP was over 80%. you read that right, over 80%. i ended the rebuy with a VP$IP of close to 50%. my PFR percentage was close to 35%. in relation, the next closest person at my rebuy period table had a VP$IP of around 30%. the rest of the players were all under 25%, with several being below 10%. we had two of our original nine that did not rebuy and dropped before the end of the period.

as a veteran of the MonkeyBall Poker Stars $10+$1 rebuy tourney (my first major tourney win was one of these) i can say that if you are not planning on rebuying at least some, then don't play. sure, the common wisdom is rebuying is only wise if you think you have an advantage over the field. but trust me, you should at least start off double-stacked and do the add-on; min investment for last night should have been $31. i spent $31, but planned to spend as much as $100. but with such a docile opening table, i never needed to get it in bad. and trust me, i was raising with complete crap most of the time. you can't play half of your hands and not be.

patting myself on the back, i played error-free poker in the MATH, or at least major error-free poker. i never once needed a suckout and if i was all-in i was ahead (at least prior to my kings running into aces.) it felt good to be focused and play aggressive. my VP$IP ended a little over 30%.

i was intrigued/impressed by some of the play at the tables. cmitch, who ended up winning, is a player i have played against in cash games, but haven't had the chance to spend a lot of time with on the tourney tables. if i had to guess we played over 100 hand together last night and his V$IP was a little less than 20%, not what i would have expected. for some reason i expected him to be more aggressive, but he chose his spots wisely and seemed well in control of his game. Fuel55 was interesting also. he was more aggressive than i expected and i struggled at first to find a pattern to play against him. after three-barrelling him with AQs on a brick board and showing him nothing, i found some confidence against him. his aggression was erratic IMHO and i know he got deep due to at least one all-in where he was at least a 60/40 dog. but you can't argue with his recent success, so aggression it is.

if it seems like i am mentioning VP$IP a lot it is b/c i am spending a lot of time monitoring Poker Tracker and using Poker Ace HUD during play. i am really interested in monitoring my stats versus my feel of my play. my goal is to feel aggressive, doing a lot of chip moving when opportunities are there and i want the stats to back this play style up. i think in the past i have felt like a tight/aggressive player when i may have been just tight. i think the modern strategy for these online donkuments requires that you play greater than 25% of the hands. of course, that assumes that the table is pretty tight. i assume my play last night would have been different had the table been more loose. i know i was tighter in my play versus Fuel55. i am still trying to develop a feel for what mix works in these situations.

i have been playing some cheapie rebuys ($2, $3, $5) trying to develop a game again. part of this is preparation for the All In For ALS tourney in January. but beyond that, i think rebuys teach aggression with a chance for some error-correction. i also think it offers a chance to get a decent M headed into the bigger blinds.

Hoy mentioned in a recent post that StB thought the double stack tourneys were breeding the image of luckfests amongst these blogger tourneys. i disagree. these are donkuments due to the players, pure and simple, so don't try and now label them luckfests; they have been that since series one. that said, none of us are pros and we are all learning. i think there are several things going on during the blogger donkuments that make it seem like people are playing crazier in this series versus last. one, there are people like me who are using these tournaments as a chance to tinker with their game. anytime you do that you are going to see wider variance. two, bigger stacks do make people play looser; it's a given that if you have a higher M to start with you are going to open your game up a bit. that is not a bad thing; i'll get to that in a sec. three, the field is wider due to Full Tilt doing some promo, so the player skill sets are getting bigger from top to bottom. now back to the deeper stack in relation to the M: one big positive i see of the double stack is the effect it has on Ms, particularly when the antes kick in. usual donkuments start with T1500 and 10 minute levels. if i had to guess, easily a third of the players have an M of 10 or lower by the time the 100/200/25 level starts. my guess is based on the idea that there are simply not enough chips in play to support big Ms. i have always bitched about FTP's tourney structure re: the level time and starting chip amount. if the WSOP and WPT see it fit to have tourneys with more chips and time, then sign me up. while i like the double stack at FTP, i would also like to see 15 minute rounds. i want deeper stack play, b/c IMHO, the deeper the stack, the bigger the M, the lower the variance for skill players. i like the idea that if some pushmonkey gets lucky and sucks out, then at least i might have chips with which to rebuild and the time to do it. i don't think any pro would argue that deeper stacks and longer times help the better players more than it does the poorer players. IIRC, this is a theme from HOH.

in my previous post i bitched (minimally) about the state of the U.S. wireless industry. as if on cue, my wife's phone died the next day. nice. at least i had the forethought to have the thing insured via Sprint. she took it to one of their corporate repair stores and sure enough, the phone was not holding a charge. she was expecting a loaner, but instead was told that Sprint doesn't do loaners and it would be 5-7 business days for hers to be repaired and returned. ummm, what? now i am going to show some bias here, but what person could/should/would live without their phone for 5-7 business days? add on top that we use our cell phones as our home phones and it is silly to even suggest. of course my wife was pissed. who wouldn't be? so she called T-Mobile and they properly answered the magic question: do you guys have free loaner phones? so she moved her service to T-Mobile. so now what am i to do? well, i can stay with Sprint and finish out my year contract. ugh choice, but at no cost. my Treo is not a bad phone and does email fine and web ok. i could move with my wife to T-Mobile. not cheap, but i would get the chance at a new phone. but T-Mobile doesn't do 3G networks yet, so FMITGA. no 3G, i might as well stay with my Treo Pocket Windows 5 phone on Sprint. or i could go so AT&T or Verizon. same cost as moving to T-Mobile, but i wouldn't get to bundle my minutes with my wife; i would get their phone choices.

perusing the web this AM, there are lots of choices out there, but no that are the grail. i want 3G, so T-Mobile is out. but if i give up 3G, i can get a Blackberry Curve, T-Mobile Wing, or a Sidekick. all seem like good phones and i am interested in each...but i want 3G. if i have to have 3G then i could go to AT&T (ne Cingular, my last carrier.) they have the Blackjack II, which is not only 3G but has a built in RSS reader. interesting. and of course, i could just dance with the date that brung me. god i hate our cell industry.

tonight is the Mookie. man up!
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my wife's birfday was Sunday. part of her gift pack was a new 8GB iPod Touch. for our family this was our fourth iPod; for my wife this was her third! (in her defense, iPod #2 was a stand-in while iPod #1 was being refurbed by Apple (at their expense.))

the iPod Touch is quite a beautiful package. if you ask me, it is by far the sexier product between itself and the iPhone. both essentially are the same device, the Touch is just minus the cell phone part, which to me seems like a great exclusion; i just don't see the keyboard on the Touch/iPhone ever replacing my Treo (or for that matter, the Blackberry.) but the screen, that marvelous screen, is a sight: big, bright, touch-sensitive. it inspires lust in the hearts of geeks everywhere.

what makes the Touch an almost must have, even if like me you have a big ass, "regular" video iPod (mine is a chockfull 60GB version), is the browser. hands down the browser crushes any other hand held device i have used. the hyper-intuitive "touch" features should win a Nobel Prize. spread your fingers from the corners to zoom out; pull them together to zoom in. use your finger tip to reposition the screen. turn the whole device to re-orient from landscape to portrait. simply amazing.

it was simple to get connected to our home WiFi, or simple enough when i finally got logged into my router to get the WPA key. speed seems fast, probably faster than my laptop due to the OS. it made me question ever bringing the laptop to bed again. but there is a big caveat: it's WiFi only.

this device screams for cellular broadband hookup. i dream of being able to connect to the web from anywhere and pull up maps, news, blogs....but there is no option. you can't even connect using AT&T, the iPhone's network du jour. this is a huge loss, one that highlights what i am sure many see as Apple's main problem: Steven Jobs is Darth Vader.

no, really, i mean it. if Wozniak is Luke, then Jobs is his antithesis. Woz has always seemed enamored with tech for the greater good: simple computing for the masses; putting the power in the hands of the many. the Apple 1984 commercial is all Woz. Jobs by contrast is all about money. he appears jealous of the success of Bill Gates, and ever since getting his swerve back on as CEO, he has steadily tried to make Apple the 800 lb gorilla in computing. don't get me wrong, there is a lot to be said for someone, anyone to compete with Microsoft. but when you let business decisions get in the way of use and features....

all this is my rant to say that there is no reason for the iPod Touch to not offer connection via ANY cellular service. it would make the Touch the most compelling device of 2007. seriously, this is not hyperbole. the little Touch is magnificent. it would always be in your pocket if you could, say, be driving across town for a meeting, need a sudden map, and waa-lah, connect from your car to Google maps and use that awesome browser to find your way. but instead, i am stuck with my Treo and its shitty browser and screen. it makes me sad to know that the Touch is almost there.

now i know some will say, hey, if you want a Touch with broadband, then get an iPhone. but that is another rant: i refuse to continue serving the cellular industry and their bullshit service contracts and hardware locking. Japan makes our cell network and regulations look like the 1950s. but we as consumers put up with it. if i could start a riot today it would be for one of two causes: the end of American Imperialism or free cell phone networks. tough choice, but in my mind both are valid reasons for attacking the powers that be.

anyway, i am in love my my wife's iPod Touch, but i am in love with what i wish it was.

don't forget tonight's MATH - Hoy, ever with his finger on the pulse of the fickle blogger's desires, has set it up as a rebuy. woot! should be a lot of fun and offer a big prize pool, with the donkatude of the bloggers in force. that's me included!
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well, it's pretty much all over but the crying. made it through Thanksgiving; wifey's whole family came down (at least two sisters and mother, plus mates.) spent considerable time in the run-up making the house presentable, which included me spending 4 hours on my hands and knees cleaning our kitchen tile floor with bleach Clorox and a brush. the good news is that the floors look as good as they did when we moved in 5 years ago. wonder why the damn maid doesn't do this job? oh, yeah, b/c it sucked.

lunch was catered yesterday and i have to say, it was a solid decision to outsource. the food was great and it allowed my wife to avoid having a shitty day spent cooking and worrying. sure, i miss the homemade stuffing (with my grandmother's recipe) but i made up for it by eating more pumpkin pie. damn skippy. hope all had a great day.

the visiting males wanted football, so i spent pretty much all yesterday watching a piss poor Green Bay beat an even worse Lions; then it was onto America's Team who eventually pummeled the Jets. i can't imagine spending every weekend tied to watching football. root canals offer more enjoyment. just my opinion.

i was granted a reprieve from the visiting family and went to work today, so i missing all the college football i could care less to watch. i don't care about Kansas, Missouri, UT, or any of those other teams. hope they all have a blast.

i have played several tourneys in the last 10-12 days and i think i have found my major flaw: i make at least one big mistake a tournament. heh. that's kinda joke. i would say most people lose tournaments b/c they make a big mistake: calling down with a big PP into a set, overplaying AK or AQ on an ace-high flop, having the donkey end of the straight, chasing the flush when the board pairs, overvaluing 9s in the BB (when the button has aces), etc etc etc. that last one was how i crashed out of last night's Riverchasers. most well-read poker players will tell you, the key to being a good tournament player is making good decisions (and it's corollary - avoiding mistakes.) as a matter of fact, that really is all you can hope to do: make the best decision possible, be the player with the least amount of mistakes, and get lucky when you need it. there they are, Poker's 3 Keys. go forth and prosper (my tithe can be sent to my Paypal account.)

anyway, i have noticed i usually get bounced or stacked when i make an error; it happens a lot. so much so, i am kinda worried. this is the kind of thing that will make your game plateau. all those golfers out there that can't break 85 raise you hands. i have made such changes as turning off the TV while playing, trying to stay focused, listening to music that helps my thoughts (i am so addicted to Mozart's Requiem right now), tracking players and keeping notes, etc. these have all helped me go deeper and in a sense i feel more comfortable being aggressive. my VP$IP stat is above 25% most of the time and my PFR is routinely above 12. i haven't checked with 2+2 but i think those are good ranges for full 9-handed games full of lemmings. i do have problems of protecting my avg stack when the antes kick in. i know in my heart of heart i should actually be more active, but in the back of my mind is the idea of waiting a few hands to see if i pick up a monster and get doubled. that is bad thinking for sure. never put off till later hands.....

so some of my issues are still fundamental problems; others are just mental. i do see that if i was playing daily, a larger frequency of tourneys, i would be better or at least have the chance to be getting better. i always seem way more focused on my second tourney of the day after going deep in the first one. nothing like a three hour warm up! heh.

have a great turkey weekend!
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Thursdays Riverchasers was piss poor. i want to congratulate Daddy for being the recipient of my donkatude: on an ace-high flop i managed to get it all in on the turn with wired kings; instacall revealed middle set of tens for Daddy and IGHN. damn i suck. this was such a rookie mistake, just awful. after a couple of years of playing, i should be beyond this error. makes me feel uber shitty.

Wednesdays Mookie was a little better. i went out in the final three tables when my AQ in the SB refused to improve versus jammed 7s. fucking AQ. my call there made me feel pretty low, but looking back, my M was around 7, i was about avg for chip stack and i wanted to play to win. the race left me with roughly T2000, essentially dead. win that hand and i am in position to bully the table and make it to the final nine. top 18 paid. sucks, but that is poker. i suffered with second guessing after busting out: should i have waited? why call the jam if you knew that it could be a race? etc. but now with a few days space i think it was an OK play. with an M of 7, i was really limited. there weren't going to be any hands that i could look for post-flop play. so i was limited to jamming with pairs above 8s and AK, AQ. with an M of 15 here, i probably don't call and toss my AQ in the muck. that's the problem with becoming short-stacked: it not only takes away play options, but it makes these marginal situations tough to decide. we all know - making good decisions is what poker is all about, right? decisions, not outcomes. i guess the worst thing that can be said about my result is, why did i let myself get that low? that was the problem. put myself in a tough spot and then didn't get lucky. never rely on luck. heh.

been bitten by the golf bug lately. just bought a new Ping putter online; should be in shortly. also have a new bag coming. that is the good thing about Texas. can pretty much golf 10-11 months a year. and they say assistant greenskeeper means nothing. so why the renewed interest? b/c the weather is nice. my golf skills are poor and unless i play routinely, will never even get to average. but it is damn nice to be out on the course when the weather is pretty. also nice to have a course in our neighborhood. so maybe i'll get to play some here after thanksgiving is done. also, reading Daly's book (biography). he's got some new book out too. may have to look at that. he seems like such a funny guy, demons and all.

enjoy the great weather!
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weekend's over, kinda sad. was enjoying the nice weather and lack of work. i think when i grow up i would like to be...retired. heh.

played in yesterday's FTOPS #7, a $300+$22 buyin tourney. i satellited in for $55, but also spent $26 in the process, so $81 total. still, anytime i can get into one of these monster payout tourneys for half-price or less, sign me up. i like that overlay. ended up with over 4000 runners. monster field with monster first prize, something north of $200K. wowsers. unfortunately, i just could not get a rhythm or the cards to get one started. i ended up getting moved three times in about three hours worth of play, which if you ask me, is too much. i ended up donking out in around 1200th place, nothing special or worth writing home about. what i did find interesting: (a) i played with several people (at least two come to mind) who had greater than $20K in tourney losses in the last twelve months, according to twenty thousand! god damn. i was shocked when i looked up the first one. i was dumbfounded when i saw more than one. all i can guess is that these people are college students. lots of free time and money in college. (b) take a peek at this table line-up: that's five players with greater than $200K combined in tournament winnings in a year. mother scratcher. i had heard of Thay3r, but never of like7, who apparently won one of the big Sunday tourneys. in an odd aside, Techniq and Thay3r both has V$IP of under 10 during the 100+ hands i played at the table. like7's was around mine at about 22. none were hyper-aggressive. like7 was building a big stack, mostly through getting big hands (AA at least once in memory) and running them into donkeys (on the AA hand he hit a set, the other guy had top pair (AA) and nut flush draw. 66% vs 33% i think. like7 doubled through. must be nice.)

anyway, was interesting. i would like to get back into playing more. need to get motivated.

i spent all day sat doing shiet, basically sleeping and reading. started/finished Rick Reilly's Who's Your Caddy which was fantastic. i am not an SI reader, nor would i normally be drawn to golf books. as a matter of fact, i have not bought John Feinstein's Tales from Q School: Inside Golf's Fifth Major b/c i dunno if it would be compelling enough to finish (although i have listened to two interviews with Feinstein and he makes it sound like a great book.) but back to Reilly - having never read anything by him, from columns to other books, i didn't know what to expect, but i knew there was a chapter on Dewey Tomko, so i tried it out. great book. i think anyone remotely interested in golf would enjoy it. it is most certainly going to make me buy John Daly's book. that guy is a riot. i also continued working my way through Going Postal by Ames and The Numbers behind Numb3rs by Devlin and Loden. and yeah, i had to start Christopher Moore's Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal b/c the premise was killing me and i wanted to see how good it was. so far, pretty good.

also watched a good bit of TiVo on Sat. finally got around to watching Pushing Tin, a mere 7-8 years after its release. ha! nothing special, although it was nice to see Angelina prior to her starting her Maria Shriver-Skeletor look. also made it through the 2006 US Poker Classic. and it was good to see that Charlie Rose spent an entire hour with Jay-Z. was kinda surprised to hear Jay-Z's pimping for P-Diddy, who i think is entirely overrated.

no golf this weekend. Kailee was feeling like he was getting sick, so we opted for Sunday brunch. my god, his kids are growing like weeds. say what you want about desire and drive, i'll take good genes anytime. Mikai looks like a six-year old...he turned 3 in Aug. i predict he'll be taller than Marissa by the time he is six. amazing. look out pro golf: second gen NFLers all want their kids to be Tiger.

forgot earlier this week that Jay-Z dropped his new CD, American Gangster. why did i forget? appears that it is not avail on iTunes, which is odd since i got the single "Blue Magic" on iTunes a few months back. weird. it was avail on Amazon though. gotta love Bezos. Jobs should take some lessons from Bezos. i would imagine more biz peeps like dealing with Besos than Jobs.

tonight is the MATH. another chance to work on my game!

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this was a hijack attempt from the button. i wanted to raise bigger than 4xBB and i guess my error was not shoving preflop. guy went to war with 8s. i need to remember, no one lays down any PPs in the Riverchasers. i mean, other than full on steal, what range could he have put me on? 1/4 of his stack in preflop on 8s.

didn't i just read about making sure your bluffs are against people who recognize hands. FMITGA. i never learn.

FullTiltPoker Game #4112706946: Riverchasers Online Poker Tour (30642009), Table 11 - 15/30 - No Limit Hold'em - 21:06:34 ET - 2007/11/08
Seat 1: Fuel55 (3,380)
Seat 2: schlepp571 (2,620)
Seat 3: Boof_Diggety (3,000)
Seat 4: riggstad (2,955)
Seat 5: katiemother (3,000)
Seat 6: sellthekids (2,695)
Seat 7: bmw143lc (3,350)
Seat 8: jdband (3,000)
Seat 9: madbrooklyn (3,000)
bmw143lc posts the small blind of 15
jdband posts the big blind of 30
The button is in seat #6
Dealt to sellthekids [Qs 5d]
madbrooklyn folds
Fuel55 folds
schlepp571 folds
Boof_Diggety folds
riggstad folds
katiemother folds
riggstad is feeling angry
sellthekids raises to 145
bmw143lc folds
jdband raises to 300
sellthekids raises to 750
jdband calls 450
* FLOP * [Qh 2c 8h]
jdband bets 2,250, and is all in
sellthekids calls 1,945, and is all in
jdband shows [8c 8s]
sellthekids shows [Qs 5d]
Uncalled bet of 305 returned to jdband
* TURN * [Qh 2c 8h] [4h]
* RIVER * [Qh 2c 8h 4h] [Qd]
jdband shows a full house, Eights full of Queens
sellthekids shows three of a kind, Queens
jdband wins the pot (5,405) with a full house, Eights full of Queens
sellthekids stands up
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 5,405 | Rake 0
Board: [Qh 2c 8h 4h Qd]
Seat 1: Fuel55 didn't bet (folded)
Seat 2: schlepp571 didn't bet (folded)
Seat 3: Boof_Diggety didn't bet (folded)
Seat 4: riggstad didn't bet (folded)
Seat 5: katiemother didn't bet (folded)
Seat 6: sellthekids (button) showed [Qs 5d] and lost with three of a kind, Queens
Seat 7: bmw143lc (small blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 8: jdband (big blind) showed [8c 8s] and won (5,405) with a full house, Eights full of Queens
Seat 9: madbrooklyn didn't bet (folded)
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money won is twice as sweet as money earned
last night's Mookie had a first prize of $288. Lucko's gamblerama had a prize of $160, which i took. thanks to OSU for helping me out by going deep.

i ended up going out in 27th when i pushed with the hammer and the SB woke up with wired 10s. so is life.

i have implemented twitter over to the right. mostly i want to use it to track my music played, whether at work, in the car, or at home. also there will be little pops of what's going on. i don't think it will be interesting to anyone but me, but it was something i wanted to try. plus, all the kids are doing it.

tonight is the Riverchaser's. hit up Lucko for another chance at free money.
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proof that intelligent design is overrated: yesterday i decided to have a little lunch at one of my favy fish taco places - Berryhill. their fish tacos are awesome, but i neglected to remember that they love the jalapeños in their pico. holy macaroni. anyway, tasty, but hot. i proceeded to return to my cube and eat an entire roll of Tums; later at home i had some Tagamet. see, if there was a god, then why would he make fish tacos that are so hot, so tasty? i mean obviously they are not doing my stomach any good. and today the rojo ojo is flaming. so i gotta side with evolution on this one; man was just not designed to eat flaming, hot, spicy shit. but it was good. mmmmmmmmmmm.

pokerwise, i am sucking it up. Monday's MATH was not a good showing by me, and it should have been considering it was 6-handed (*sigh* i used to play a lot of 6-handed cash games....) but after deciding to get out of bed where i was reading (actually finishing Douglas Coupland's new book The Gum Thief) i wandered into my office and turned on High Stakes Poker. i then proceeded to pretty much ignore the tournament. wtf? why even play? i dunno. not a smart move on my part. so tonight i will try to avenge myself and actually play poker, the poker i know that i can play. we'll see how i hold up throughout the day with this decision.

it's tough with the time set back. it gets dark so early, which leads me to want to eat dinner and then read myself to sleep. i am slowly working through my book backlog and have resisted adding to much more to the stack. i did pickup Colbert's book, which is funny and i recently added King's Gambit: A Son, A Father, and the the World's Most Dangerous Game to the stack b/c it seemed interesting and i really enjoyed The Kings of New York. of course, i want to start The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable but i foolishly looked at my bookcase earlier this week and pulled out Going Postal: Rage, Murder, and Rebellion: From Reagan's Workplaces to Clinton's Columbine and Beyond, a book that i think i have had for at least two years; how fucking sad. good book though!

so anyway, after working all day and then driving home, it gets dark early and the last thing i usually want to do is go play poker in my office. sure, i could play on the laptop in bed, but i keep telling myself that i need to play in my office where i will pay attention and give the game the respect it needs. then, instead, i go and watch High Stakes Poker while playing. fucktard.

bought one of those new uber-drivers yesterday, the ones with the super MOI. after whacking a full bucket of balls last night i could see this club helping. it isn't going to make me shoot 80 or anything, but it will probably cut 5 strokes a round off my score, which for me is a lot. i think i am playing this Sat with Kailee and some of his crew (bye week i guess?) so we'll see how my $40 club holds against pro footballers and their $2000 sets of clubs. at least i'll get a spot....btw, anyone watch the ESPN high stakes golf thingy? actually was way more interesting than regular golf. plus watching Appleman makes me LOL a lot. wassup with the headbands?!?! and should i try the grease? holy cow that looked liked it helped!

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for those of you who know me, some of you may say i have a drinking problem; not me: i don't miss my mouth with any regularity and often i drink and then fall down - no problem. nonetheless, in light of recent events, i decided to have a few drinks on Friday night. the result was waking up Saturday morning and finding the kitchen counter stacked with empties, empties that had earlier comprised my entire bar, of which contained at least two bottles of greater than $70 scotch, some awsome gin, an unopened bottle of rum gifted to me from someone who went to Jamaica. etc etc etc.

now you might ask yourself, why would i either drink all that or at the least pour it out? well, twasn't me, dear reader. part of my wife's Saturday morning tirade was to tell me, "that's why i poured out $400 worth of fucking alcohol." nice manners, babe.

in my defense, i had taken three ambien. the resulting actions were more the drugs than the very little bit of alcohol i had imbibed. said actions may or may not have included falling into our jacuzzi tub. and sleeping fully clothed.

still doesn't fix my vacant bar.

in other news, after sulking all weekend and being in rather sad state of malaise, i did awake this morning at 5AM feeling somewhat better.

not a lot else to report. wife wanted to go to some nursery in Seabrook on Saturday, which also required us stopping in Kemah on the way home. please allow me to be honest: what complete shitholes each are. if you think going to Kemah constitutes a "night out" then you deserve the knifing you are sure to suffer from the gangbangers and slum lizards. good luck.

i don't mean for this to sound derogatory, but i was thinking about my job, the workplace, and corporate culture the other day and i came across this gem: is it telling that any place that would hire me (and pay me way more than i am surely worth) is obviously undergoing some serious issues? i realize that all corporations are in some state of Titanic-proportion calamities. i mean, most of them have hit the iceberg and are in the stages of trying to stay afloat; some succeed and some fail, but c'mon, what fucking shipping magnet hires Joseph Hazelwood? anyway, this place pretty much cracks me up. it reminds me of the three previous places i have worked, which normally would cause me to worry, but the joke is on them, b/c i am steady cashing the checks, bitches. heh.

in all seriousness, i can see why they had a hard time filling this spot. the upside of migrating from the habitrail to the treadmill is pretty low. sure, we have a whole team doing C#, but i don't see me moving there anytime soon. for most career-conscious coders (wow the alliteration!) this would be a big downer. but me? uh, we do get paid twice a month, right? ummmmkay. make sure that Brently only has one "e" on my checks, ok?

i'm gonna double-pimp here: if you haven't clicked the band in the post title, then do so here. sure, there are no vocals, i like it like that. i also like my coffee black like my braincloud.

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