give the mule what he wants
we're gliding towards the 31st and the end of 2005. let's reminisce on what's happened in the last couple of weeks and then onto how i'd like '06 to go...and if you are good, there will be some tasty poker goodness at the end!
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tonight's forecast: dark and cloudy, with a slight chance of drive-by
not a lot of time today, been busier than a one-legged man in an arse kicking contest....
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i'll turn on MTV and see the Gorillaz or something and be like, "aw, that's dope."
i've spent the last week hanging out with my mom while she has been in the hospital trying to not have congestive heart failure. the good news is that she is at home and is making a full recovery. the bad is that i have been AWOL for about 8-9 days.

hit the jump for a post i was prepping prior to my leave of absence (more on my mom and that whole affair in another post.)
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this is the anti-cocksmoker song
scatter shot today, as i am still recovering from a week of moving furniture, watching my hardwoods be installed, cleaning whole damn place, and then moving all the furniture back.

i would like to publically announce that my wife was right in that we should have had hardwoods installed when we built the house. in my defense, we did only have two dogs at that time. floors do look nice though....

anyway, on to the spew.
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it aint my fault you done fucked up your re-up
jump for the sad tale of woe...
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my grandmama hate it, but my little mama luv it
2 days with no internet make brently something something....

is 185 SPAMs in 2 days a lot or a little? i can't tell anymore b/c it seems so normal.

hit the jump for a sampling of subject lines!
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